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We invite all our members to join the BaseCamp. If you are interested in becoming a member, please apply through our website.

The Positive Impact community empowers leaders and changemakers to go beyond sustainability. It provides a pathway for purpose-led businesses to make real change. All Positive members are committed to delivering a regenerative, restorative, and equitable economy. Because how we show up in the NEXT 10 years will shape the next 10.000.


The Positive Basecamp is a place where you can lift up and link up with other changemakers and pioneers. By joining the online platform, you will be able to access and share resources while getting support and inspiration from fellow pioneers on the road less travelled. Our intention, as we grow, is for our community to share key insights and learnings because we know we are stronger together. The basecamp is also a space to celebrate what is breaking through what is breaking down - to keep our eyes on the prize.  

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